Vision & Purpose


A thriving commercial wind power industry in South Africa, part of a growing domestic and international renewable power industry that is recognised as a major contributor to social, environmental and economic security.


SAWEA’s purpose is to perform to its highest ability the unique role that a member-driven association can play in enabling this vision to be realised. In order to achieve this purpose, SAWEA activities are focused on:




Advocacy for the implementation of ambitious, consistent South African energy policy that harnesses the country’s immense wind resource and results in the streamlined growth of a wind power asset base.




Facilitation and promotion of excellent practice in the associated localisation, socio-economic and economic development and transformational areas of wind power.




Endorsement and recognition of excellent operational practice in the generation of wind power.

Industry News Authority


Provision of pertinent information to current and prospective investors seeking to enter the SA wind power market.

Socio-Economic Advocate


Provision of up to date, dependable public information on the socio-economic contributions of the wind industry in South Africa – particularly as these relate to rural development, to women and to youth.



Through wind power, promotion of renewable power in large and small-scale applications in South Africa as a least cost option and as a direct contribution to the achievement of national development and climate change objectives.

Industry Ambassador


Promotion of wind and renewable power investment in Africa through partnership and dialogue both within South Africa and the region.