Internship - WIIP

Wind Industry Internship Program (WIIP)

In May 2021, SAWEA and EWSETA established a Collaborative Agreement to launch the Wind Industry Internship Programme (WIIP). WIIP aims to provide recent graduates and those in graduate programs with practical work experience aligned with their studies and interests in sustainable energy solutions. The program benefits both the students by enhancing their skills and SAWEA members by gaining assistance from qualified individuals in various professional fields, thereby expanding the talent pool in the renewable energy industry.   

WIIP serves as a valuable support system for unemployed graduates in South Africa, aiming to equip them with practical skills for the renewable energy sector. The long-term goal is to address skills shortages in the South African energy sector by significantly boosting the renewable energy skills base. The inclusion of a 10-day work readiness program enhances the value that learners bring to their workplaces. The ultimate objective is to extend the program's impact to benefit up to 300 learners. 

Applications for 2024 are now closed. The intake date for the Class of 2025 will be announced later in the year. 

Focus Area of the Internship Programme

The wind industry has a diverse set of skills required on a daily basis and therefore the focus will be on the following broad skills areas:


  Engineering  IT
  Power  Language Services
  Energy  General Service and Procurement
  Climate and Green Growth  HR Management
  Finance  Law
  Private Sector  Communication & External Relations
  Infrastructure and Industrialisation  Public Relations;
  Economic and Development, Statistics  Environmental
  Governance and Knowledge Management  Town Planning and Social Scientists
  Human Resource and Corporate Services  Gender Studies