Igniting Passion For Renewable Energy Amongst Learners

In celebration of Global Wind Day this year, a competition was held at Okiep Country Hotel, engaging Grade 9 learners from across five high schools in Namaqualand. Observed worldwide on 15 June each year, the event brought these learners together to build working turbine models, aiming to ignite a deeper interest in renewable energy and support STEM education in the region. 

Funded by Kangnas Wind Farm, this event highlights commitment to community engagement and support for local education. 

“The event not only promotes STEM education, it also raises awareness about renewable energy and the different career opportunities available that are not only limited to the renewable energy sector. Therefore, by engaging with local schools, the competition helps build trust and goodwill. Thus, fostering a stronger relationship with the surrounding communities,” stated Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager at Kangnas Wind Farm.  

Emerging as the competition winners with their innovative turbine model and essay on renewable energy, St. Anna Private School received the Turbine Triumph Trophy, individual prizes including smartwatches and portable earpods, and an R10,000 cash prize for their school. They will also be visiting the Kangnas Wind Farm later this year.  

Principal Sylvia Cathi of St. Anna expressed her pride, saying, “We are very happy and excited about our win. The whole of Namaqualand has been celebrating with us, as many followed the competition on the radio. Parents, educators, and students are all excited and proud of our team’s performance.” 

The participating schools included Concordia High School; Okiep High School; SA van Wyk High; High School Namaqualand; St Anna High School; and Nababeep High School.