Collaborative Forces to Empower Youth Through Computer Literacy

In a strategic collaboration aimed at empowering local youth and fostering community development, the Cape Agulhas Municipality and Excelsior wind energy facility have partnered to implement a crucial computer literacy programme. Launched at the Bredasdorp Thusong Service Centre, this initiative is centered on the vital role of upskilling unemployed youth to access the job market in an increasingly digital world.

Recognizing the transformative power of computer literacy, close to 100 unemployed young individuals from six communities—Arniston, Struisbaai, Klipdale, Swellendam, Railton, and Bredasdorp—are direct beneficiaries of this programme. The collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment to providing opportunities in rural areas and preparing the youth of Bredasdorp for the competitive job market that can be very daunting.

Bredasdorp Executive Mayor, Paul Swart, emphasises the significance of this collaborative effort, stating, "Our youth need skills that will assist them to be computer literate, which will enable them to go out there and compete in the job market." 

This initiative, partially funded by Excelsior wind energy facility as part of its socio-economic development program, is managed by  Community Action Partnership (CAP) a Non-Profit Organisation, aligning with its objective of creating opportunities through leading learning and teaching methodologies.

"We aim to extend this collaborative effort to other towns by providing committed private partners with facilities to launch more programmes like this in the Cape Agulhas area, as we recognise the importance of the broader societal impact of collaboration for the benefit of communities," explained Jason Johnson, Social Performance Co-Ordinator for Excelsior wind energy facility.

The computer literacy programme has already positively impacted the lives of the participating youth, with certificates being awarded for individual modules completed.

Camilla Moos, a 20-year-old beneficiary of the programme, shared her experience, stating, "I never thought that something as simple as a typing programme would inspire me to want to learn more. The seemingly basic platform really takes your skills to a different level because of the troubleshooting. Also, the English fluency test was an eye-opener, showing me how important it is to understand a second language and the different dynamics it presents in how I understand language."

This collaborative effort between the Cape Agulhas Municipality and Excelsior Wind highlights the importance of upskilling youth, fostering community development, and preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the future.