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GEO-NET South Africa (Pty) Ltd


Province: Western Cape
Company Profile: Consultancy
Business Description: Experience builds confidence GEO-NET is an experienced consultant providing site assessment services, FESR, AEP reports, and wind potential studies for project developers, investors, and governmental bodies in the wind power sector since 1996.USP: – Advanced CFD-Model FITNAH-3D: high accuracy even in complex terrain, explicit modelling of forests, bushes, settlements and further obstacles – Vast experience from 25 years and more than 4000 projects implemented worldwide – Being developer AND user of our model FITNAH-3D: short feedback & improvement circles – Complete accreditation for our services improves bankability – Continuous validation and improvement of our model FITNAH-3D in round robin tests and research projects with renowned research institutions like Fraunhofer IWES. Core Capabilities: – Wind field simulation using our advanced CFD-model FITNAH-3D – Energy yield assessment and AEP reports according to MEASNET, TG6 and IEC61400-12-1 – Design and certification of wind measurement campaigns according to IEC61400-12-1, MEASNET and TG


Manager - Business Development
Secretariat - Finance & Controlling