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Nordex Energy


Province: Western Cape
Company Profile: Manufacturer of Wind Turbines
Business Description: Under the brand name Nordex we offer powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe. With the serial produced multi-megawatt wind turbines Nordex N90, N100 and N117, Nordex is able to offer high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. For the rapidly developing chinese market and the asian-pacific region we offer the powerful megawatt turbines Nordex N77, N90, N100 and N82. As developers and manufacturers of wind turbines, we concentrate on our core competencies. In addition to the overall technical design, our know-how also lies in the development of rotor blades with a length of more than 58 metres and in the integrated electrical and control technology for wind turbines. These are the driving factors behind the development of more efficient and thus more economical machines – which is to the advantage of the environment and of our customers.