Lance Blaine

Board Member

Red Cap Energy Pty Ltd

Vision for Wind power in South Africa: To contribute meaningfully and sustainably to overcoming load shedding, the upliftment of our communities, the decarbonisation of our economy, the Just Transition and through all of this becoming a leading driver of the South African economy.

What makes SAWEA relevant? SAWEA is the face and voice of our our industry where many diverse companies and institutions can come together as a collective to ensure the long term benefit and significance of wind in South Africa

Why would you encourage someone to become a member? All industries that want to flourish and improve their chance to make a real difference in South Africa require collaboration and commitment to the broader industry, and it is through SAWEA as a collective that we can do this.

Employment / Company / Designation: Red Cap Energy Pty Ltd- COO

Years of experience in energy or related sectors: 14 years in Wind and 30 years in environment, construction and development

Role within the industry: Developer