David Moncasi

Co-opted Board Member


Vision for Wind power in South Africa: Industry playing a fundamental role in the Just Energy Transition; and key technology to support on the new energy generation capacity 

What makes SAWEA relevant? The incorporation of industry voices from all points of view of the value chain 

Why would you encourage someone to become a member? Because of the relevance of promoting Wind Power as part of the solution to energy problems that this country has 

Employment / Company / Designation:  Head of Sales / Nordex  

Years of experience in energy or related sectors: 16 years in Wind Industry 

Role within the industry: Promote the role that technology companies like Nordex have had in this market since the inception of Wind Industry. Promote the value of technology partners with strong presence in this market, with the knowledge of its particularities and specific needs. All this from a position of market leader having >30% of the total Wind Energy capacity installed and operational in South Africa