The service provider is invited to submit a proposal for the provision of the following services. The list is not necessarily exhaustive, and bidders are welcome to incorporate additional services as they believe would be required.

The list is intended to be indicative of the responsibilities of the selected bidder as envisaged by SAWEA at this preliminary point in time. Bidders should indicate their ability to provide the areas of service or indicate that it is not a role that they would undertake. Where the bidder would sub-contract any such role this MUST be clearly stated.

Services will include providing support to SAWEA in respect of any of the below activities on an as-needed, case-by-case or matter-by-matter basis. Firms may be called on from time to time to provide the following services:

  • Providing legal opinions regarding issues of South African law;
  • Advising on matters pertaining to the Association’s mandate, privileges and immunities;
  • Drafting, reviewing, and vetting legal agreements and other documents;
  • Assisting in legal due diligence exercises;
  • Legal opinions on particular renewable energy matters;
  • Policy and Regulatory reviews and application of policy and regulation opinions;
  • Dispute resolution, including drafting of pleadings and other related documentation and representation in relevant forums which are expected to be arbitration forums;
  • Assisting in negotiations on a variety of agreements when the need arises;
  • Advising on institutional governance matters;
  • Reviewing and advising on corporate policies;
  • Providing procurement-related support and opinion;
  • Advising on labor and employment, banking, intellectual property, taxation and/or regulatory issues in South Africa, and
  • Any other services that may be incidental or ancillary to the provision of the above Services.

RfP_SAWEA Legal Services 02 [.docx]



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