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Sampson Mampwheli
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South Africa
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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES) acts as a central point ofentry into Stellenbosch University for the general field of renewable energy. One of the activities of the Centre is the The Centre for Postgraduate Programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies which was established in 2006 and is currently funded by the Department of Science andTechnology (DST) and the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute. The hub of the Programme is in the Faculty of Engineering at Stellenbosch University in collaboration with other departments and institutes within the University structure, as well as the Sustainability Institute (SI), which is based at Lynedoch outside Stellenbosch. The primary objective of the Postgraduate Programme in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies is to train scientists and engineers who will have the required technical expertise to unlock the country┬╣s renewable energy resources by implementing appropriate technology for sustainable energy utilisation. The Centre contributes to the need to support the development of a vibrant renewable and sustainable energy (RSE) industry in South Africa through the training of engineers and scientists, providing fundamental and applied research support to industry, and identifying opportunities and priorities in renewable and sustainable energy. In so doing, the Programme also contributes to the coordination of the national postgraduate training and research efforts in RSE.