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Thank you for your interest in the South African Wind Energy Association.

SAWEA is the leading trade and professional body representing the wind industry in South Africa. As the voice of South Africa’s wind industry, SAWEA’s primary purpose is to promote the sustainable use of wind energy in South Africa acting as a central point of contact for information for its members, and as a group promoting wind energy to government, industry, the media and the public. Our members comprise both national and international developers, manufacturers, and stakeholders working in the industry, and aggregates a substantial amount of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas. Some information on our website is only available to paid members. The SAWEA Board has indicated that membership will be on an annual basis from the date of anniversary of registration.

As the Industry Association for Wind power, SAWEA serves it’s members by:

  • Promoting Wind and renewable energy prospects for generation and socio-economic benefit
  • Advocating for sustained realisation of the SA Energy transition away from Coal
  • Lobbying for improved market access and power sector reform
  • Arguing for streamlined growth of the SA Independent Wind and renewable power Asset base
  • Assisting members with meeting the right people formally and informally
  • Providing reliable data and information relating to Wind and renewable power investments
  • Representing Industry interests through strategic engagements with government, associated industries and in the media
  • Hosting regular networking events where operational best practice and innovation can be showcased and discussed.
  • SAWEA members qualify for discounts on all SAWEA events.

Membership Categories & Fees

Associated Benefits

1 A1 members have the option of unlimited staff involvement (subject only to thematic relevance) in SAWEA working groups (WGs); A2 members may have up to two staff members per WG; A3 members may have 1 staff member per WG; Affiliate members may participate in 1 WG.

Involvement in the Assets WG is limited to Asset managers and owners; Involvement in the Wind for Communities WG is limited to those working directly on ED implementation.

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