Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust

Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust

The walkway that links the St Francis Bay Central Business District to Sea Vista is complete, and it looks magnificent. It serves as a safe and open route to connect Sea Vista to the CBD.

This project was funded by the Kouga Wind Farm Community Trust, and the construction was overseen by the St Francis Property Owners (SFPO) Non Profit Company (NPC) Directors with the support of their project manager (Greg Miller).

The SFPO NPC, with the SFPO Association, supports the identification and scoping of third party funded projects that benefit our broader St Francis Bay community, and in particular the Sea Vista Township.

This was a R1.75m project to improve the safety and security of pedestrians.

A competition was run with local school children inviting them to submit drawings, which inspired the creation of 25 mosaics which will be imbedded in the concrete surface of the path.

This created great excitement among the children in Sea Vista. It has also helped establish a mosaic craft business that employs Sea Vista women. The path will also be landscaped.

The St Francis Property Owners have commend all who were involved in this project in any way, and would like to thank the volunteers, young and old, who simply got involved and did their little bit towards the betterment of the village.

There is still more to come however, with landscaping, zebra crossings, lighting and security cameras all as part of the pathway end project.

The pathway project was another great example of how a village can work together and succeed if everyone decides to get things done.

Photo by Darren Peens

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