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Innovation landscape for a renewable-powered future

The integration of solar and wind power poses specific challenges as system operators pursue low-carbon investments and long-term energy sustainability. As these variable renewable energy (VRE) sources reach high shares of power generation, power systems must be increasingly flexible to maintain the balance of supply and demand over each day ...
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SAWEA policy submission to President Ramaphosa, January 2019

The presentation outlines the Industry’s 5-year plan aligned with investment policy. [View Presentation] ...
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Final report of a study into the value proposition of Distributed Generation Renewable Energy (DG RE)

At the end of 2018 SAWEA appointed a team of multi-disciplinary consultants to carry-out a study that investigates the value proposition of DG RE with a particular emphasis on wind and solar PV technologies. The study examined the following:
  1. The rationale behind the anticipated increase in DG RE and ...
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