Following a successful webinar series, which launched during 2020 as a capacity building programme for aspiring renewable energy developers to share knowledge and drive effective change, a second series has kicked off in May 2021.  As a collaboration between the South Africa Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) and the South African PV Industry Association (SAPVIA), this series under the theme of ‘Developing the Local RE Value Chain’, will be delivered over six instalments and explore business opportunities that exist within the renewable energy value chain. 

Considering the recent announcement of the Fifth Bid Window (BW5) under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P), this series is of particular relevance.

“The RE industry takes particular interest in developing local businesses that can supply products and services in order to accelerate and maximise the localization potential of this industry, which has a key role to play in delivering clean power, whilst stimulating the local economy. This platform allows for effective knowledge sharing, so that local business can access the expertise needed to stimulate and develop a world-leading local renewable energy industry,” explains Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of SAWEA.

The first instalment of this series, titled ‘Understanding the Local Content Requirements of the REI4P’ attracted over 500 registrations and focused on the key aspect of local content requirements, within the country’s REI4P Programme. The event explored the importance of localisation, as a key imperative of renewable energy procurement in the country. The local content requirements are intended to achieve re-industrialisation and support the development of the local value chain.

“In this session we unpacked the local content requirements and how this is practically impacting the local industry development. The key highlight for me was that most speakers emphasized the point that localization should not be narrowly focused on equipment only, but opportunities should be explored across the industry value chain, which includes both key equipment and services” said Ntuli.

The next instalment of the series, set for 10 June, will expose participants to business opportunities in the project development phase of the renewable energy value chain. Organisers of the event expect a substantial audience, considering the vast opportunities that renewable energy presents across the project development phase.

Development activities offer prospects for local businesses to provide consulting services in resource assessment, land acquisition (including zoning and permitting), environmental impact assessments, specialist studies (e.g. birds impacts), site selection and project feasibility studies, financing as well as legal services as well as community engagement and economic development.

This webinar series, once again brings the PV and Wind industries together, led by SAPVIA and SAWEA respectively, in partnership with the Black Energy Professionals Association, IPP Office and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs Forum SA.  Attendance is encouraged and carries no cost to participants.  Register here:

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