Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Recruitment Process: SAWEA CEO Position

Position Advertised: November 2021

Closing Date for Applications: 09 December 2021

Applications to be submitted (electronically) to:


November 2021 

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Department: SAWEA Executive Management
Reports To: SAWEA Board of Governance


Job Summary

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a multi-faceted position that requires excellent stakeholder engagement skills, the ability to drive organizational success and a vision for the future. The CEO is the external face of the organization and as such interacts with stakeholders of all levels (internal and external) from grass roots communities, labor unions, SAWEA staff and members, other NGOs and senior government officials, both locally and internationally.

The CEO is tasked with pursuing SAWEA’s Mission, Vision and Business Plan (and updating these from time to time) and actively driving the successful implementation of SAWEA’s strategy. A strong passion for wind energy and South Africa’s just energy transition is essential. The CEO must be solutions-oriented and able to provide solutions that ensure the good standing of SAWEA in the sector and amongst stakeholders.

The role is suited to an individual with significant management experience and the ability to perform well under pressure as part of a dynamic team. The position requires travel (international and local) and public speaking (for example at conferences and in the media).

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