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As we continue our drive for increased wind power procurement support SA’s push of the Climate Agenda, the relevance and importance of educating school learners becomes increasingly relevant. With this in mind, we invite our members to once again support the EnergyDRIVE, which has already actively engaged with an estimated 4 000 learners over the last four years.

We’d also like to ask for your support and participation in the Gender Diversity Baseline Study, which kicked off last week. With the help of GIZ and in partnership with DMRE, we are embarking on a study to quantify the gender balance across the wind and solar PV sectors. Through the Gender Diversity WG, you will receive more information and a request to particitate.

Moving to business as usual, our efforts continue to focus on addressing the BW5 challenges, through engagement with the IPPO and Eskom.

The DMRE has resuscitated the South African Renewable Energy Masterplan to position the country as a “globally significant” producer of inputs used in renewable-energy plants. Members are able to comment on this important framework by emailing Marilize Stoltz directly on

This month, we also put our participated in the Res4Africa conference. Co-inciding with Global Wind Day, 15 June, the Grid Management to Maximise RES Potential, addressed the country’s grids, which facilitated important dialogue between industry and Eskom.

In closing, we welcome our Ms Kim Thomas to our team and trust that she’ll be effective in her role as ‘Initiatives Co-Ordinator’.

Kind regards,
Niveshen Govender

CEO, South African Wind Energy Association

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