Dear members,

We are living in unprecedented times with our country’s electricity crisis being declared a National State of Disaster, our state utility has an interim CEO at the helm and we wait to find out who will be the new Minister of Electricity.

We are hopeful that these changes will accelerate the implementation of the Energy Action Plan and drive new generation capacity onto the grid with urgency.

In the meantime, we continue our work with key stakeholders and industry to find solutions to the serious challenges directly related to grid access, so that our industry will be able to connect its many shovel-ready wind farms to the grid as soon as possible.

To achieve this we, the Joint SAWEA/SAPVIA Grid Task Team, has prioritised its work around the

“Grid Capacity Allocation Rules” to ensure fair and transparent access for all RE projects, and to this end, is focused on its engagement with Eskom.  This team has formulated a cohesive industry response to Eskom’s ‘draft rules’ following the consultation process with SAWEA members.

With the guidance of our new board, under the leadership of Dhesen Moodley (Chair), we continue our work to support the energy transition and enable the wind industry to play a key role in delivering the country’s energy security.

Kind regards,
Niveshen Govender
CEO, South African Wind Energy Association

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