CEO Voice – February 2022

CEO Voice – February 2022

Dear Members,

I would like to begin by thanking everyone who has welcomed me warmly.  I have stepped into the role of SAWEA’s CEO, at a time that our industry is experiencing exponential growth, transformation and expectation to support the country’s economic recovery.

My first official public task as SAWEA’s CEO, was to open the Solar Power Africa Conference, at the DMRE CEO Breakfast.  Attended by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mr Mantashe, we are grateful for his acknowledgment and recognition of role of renewables in the just energy transition.  He declared Government’s committment to further developing the renewable industry through increased generation capacity, which will kick-start our economy and put South Africa on a just energy transition trajectory.

The Renewable Energy Master Plan provides the framework for our sector’s industrial development, and calls our industry to contribute to the master plan and opens the door for our sector to further engage with the Minister and his department.  To this end, I will continue to build relationships with the relevant stakeholders, to further encourage healthy dialogue in fulfilling my role as a conduit for our industry.

Looking ahead, my first 90-day plan will be to take stock, re-strategize and re-prioritise alongside the Board, WG leadership and SAWEA staff.

As an industry association, we are moving away from fighting for the inclusion of RE in the energy mix, so that we can shift our efforts and focus to how our sector can positively create lasting impact for our country and its people as we grow the wind sector.

Kind regards,

Niveshen Govender
CEO, South African Wind Energy Association

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