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As we mark another ‘Women’s Month’, I’m pleased to confirm our commitment to gender equality as demonstrated in the work that is being undertaken in the lead up The Wind and Solar Gender Diversity Study as example of the work being undertaken by our Association.  This study, which was conceptualised by SAWEA, funded by GIZ and undertaken by Urban Earth, is currently underway, and I am pleased to report that the literature review is complete and are moving into data collection.  Please look out for the survey on data that is required to inform this important study. In the next phase, we will be looking to conceptualise an industry led Gender Diversity Charter to direct the sectors commitment to diversity.

As the industry gears towards BW6 submission deadline of 22nd September 2022, we continue to engage relevant government stakeholders to discuss particular challenges and hurdles facing the industry. Thank you to the WG task teams who have been instrumental in developing industry responses to topics such as forecasting, ancillary services and other technical issues.

We are glad to see the NERSA consultation paper to concur with the DMRE Minister’s determination of the remaining IRP2019 renewable energy allocations. This will provide some market certainty that procurement can be expected until the full IRP2019 allocations have been procured. Furthermore, we are working with various stakeholders to engage on the review and new iteration of the IRP.

Kind regards,
Niveshen Govender
CEO, South African Wind Energy Association

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