The Wind At His Back

The South African Wind Energy Association has appointed Niveshen Govender as CEO. Govender undertakes a leading role in driving the country’s transition to a greener economy and brings along a vision founded on procurement, localisation and policy. Green Economy Journal met up with him.

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#BizTrends2022: Trends forecast for the renewable energy sector


As our country joins its global counterparts in driving down carbon emissions, on the home-front our battle is just as pertinent as we continue to push for an accelerated transition to increased energy availability characterised by significantly larger percentages of green electrons in our power supply. Here is our trends forecast for the year ahead in the renewable energy (RE) sector.

Women in Wind Energy

I guess in 2021 we are not or should not be surprised as more and more women venture into sectors they historically have been deemed as male dominated. One such sector is that of wind energy. What is it exactly and what is it that attracted our guest to it? What sort of advice would she give to young women who may want to be part of it? To help us navigatethis issue, we are joined on the line by…

Guest: Mercia Grimbeek – Chair of the South African Wind Energy Association

Chai FM podcast

Can wind energy be considered as an alternative electricity generating system

Ntombifuthi Ntuli
Chief Executive Officer at the South African Wind Energy-Association

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