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Local school is achieving great results from reading and spelling programmes

Wilhemina Mathabatha, is one of two reading assistants at Waterworks Primary School in Riverton, Kimberley.  She returned to this small school in 2014, where she was previously a pupil, to help young learners with their reading and spelling, a job that she says has motivated her to study towards a teaching diploma. This school has also recently received accolades for its learners’ spelling progress, in accordance with an international assessment.READ MORE

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March 2019, Gamtoos Valley Primary, Patensie, Eastern Cape

Libraries across our country will be celebrating ‘SA Library Week’, under the theme of ‘Collaborate @ your library’ between 18th and 24th March 2019.  It’s not only an opportunity for them to market their services to the broader community but it also make us aware of the important role that libraries play in our lives, especially for youngsters learning to read.READ MORE

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Parents in the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality communities of Hopefield, Koperfontein and Green Village are being trained and formal playgroups established to address the lack of access to Early Childhood Development (ECD) services in the region, which leaves a vast number of young children vulnerable. The Playgroup Site Learning Programme aims to build capacity amongst parents to help ensure that children will have increased opportunities to quality learning and caring programmes, resulting in them being better prepared to enter Grade 1.READ MORE

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Multi-Faceted approach is needed to make a difference in education

February 2019, De Aar, Northern Cape

Aloicius Marks was studying towards a Degree in Business Administration, at the University of the Free State, when life presented him with an opportunity to make a difference in his home town.  The impact has been so huge that his dream is now to study to become a teacher. Having found his passion, he wants to keep on making a difference to the children he works with; and especially those in his community.READ MORE

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Journey to inspiring young Gamtoos Vallei learners to reach their full potential

Gerhard Grundling’s journey to becoming a teacher is an inspiring story and a beacon of hope to anyone wanting to follow their dream.  Achieving his goal means that this Grade 6 teacher, at   Gamtoos Valley Primary in Patensie, Eastern Cape, can now inspire other young people to fulfil their potential and find their own passage through life. READ MORE

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Shaping lives along the way to achieving a Teaching Diploma

Kelebongile Banda, Grade R teacher at Stillwater Combined School, graduated with a Teaching Diploma from North West University in 2018, with the support and funding from Droogfontein Solar Power, in partnership with the Department of Education.READ MORE

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Phillipsville Creche has a long history of developing community children

Principal of Phillipsville Crèche, Ellen Potgieter, takes a moment to reflect on the role that this small crèche has played in the lives of 100’s of children over the last twenty-six years and how with the community of Hankey, continues to benefit from early childhood development (ECD).READ MORE

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Noupoort community enterprises get help to grow their dreams into businesses

Sandiswa Nkohla, started his brick manufacturing business two years ago, after having become unemployed.  His fledging business, Sandawana Brick Manufacturing Company, which has been receiving support from Noupoort Wind Farm’s development programme, is now able to provide full-time employment to five local men and has recently managed to purchase its third brick-making machine.READ MORE

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National Renewable Energy efforts boosted by launch of dedicated training centre at CPUT

The South African Renewable Energy Training Centre (Saretec) based at CPUT is uniquely placed to fulfil the need for quality training in the growing renewable energy sector. This sentiment was underscored by speaker after speaker at the launch of Saretec this week. Renewable energy industry specialists, government officials and CPUT academics gathered at the Bellville campus to celebrate the official launch although the centre has been operational since 2016.READ MORE

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