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Kangnas Wind Farm forges ahead

The 140MW Kangnas Wind Farm, one of the REI4P’s giant Bid Window 4 projects, is gearing up for construction, having already cleared 95% of its site roads, totalling over 52km’s. READ MORE

Kouga Wind Farm warms hearts for Mandela Month

Wind farm partners with Rainmakers for blanket drive

OYSTER BAY – Kouga Wind Farm and members of its Rainmakers women empowerment programme got together to warm hearts and bodies with a handmade blanket drive for Mandela Month.READ MORE

Mandela Day: Sustainability in the name of Madiba

On 18 July, Nelson Mandela would have turned one hundred years old. Enel Green Power honoured this special anniversary by taking part in various projects to help South Africa’s neediest, as part of the annual Mandela Day initiatives.READ MORE

Noupoort High School learners are starting to breach the maths gap

June 2018, Noupoort

It is a well-known fact that South Africa has a mathematics teaching and learning crisis and while the debate continues between lowering the pass rates or making pupils repeat a year, the issue remains that schools and society need to address the education standards, to help future generations be better prepared to contribute to the economy and reduce the levels of poverty.READ MORE

Cookhouse Wind Farm Boosts Primary Healthcare

Cookhouse Wind Farm has announced the appointment of new healthcare workers, who will be assisting in the operation of the Department of Health’s mobile clinic, in a public-private partnership that aims to support and strengthen Primary Healthcare in the farming communities of Bedford and Adelaide.READ MORE

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