Amakhala Emoyeni Windfarm Delivers 13 Wheelchairs to Somerset East and Cookhouse Communities.

Amakhala Emoyeni Windfarm Delivers 13 Wheelchairs to Somerset East and Cookhouse Communities.

In a heartwarming display of community support and collaboration, the Amakhala Emoyeni Community Fund Trust (AECFT), responsible for the implementation of the Socio-Economic Development (SED) and the Enterprise Development (EnD) programmes on behalf of Amakhala Emoyeni Windfarm, joined forces with Andries Vosloo Hospital and the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development (EC-DSD) to deliver 13 wheelchairs and food parcels to individuals in need residing in Cookhouse and Somerset East beneficiary communities on 27 September 2023.

This initiative aimed to enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for residents facing mobility challenges, continuing a mission that began on 09 August 2023 (2023 Women’s Day), with the first wheelchair delivery. Andries Vosloo Hospital and the Eastern Cape Department of Social Development played pivotal roles in the initiative, contributing human resources to conduct assessments of the recipients and provide food parcels. The significance of this initiative was emphasised by Mr. Anele Stofile, AECFT trustee representing the Somerset East community, who said, “We managed to restore the dignity of the local recipients because when you give wheels, a person can independently move around the house.” Undoubtedly, the delivery of the wheelchairs symbolises a tangible improvement in the lives of recipients, offering them newfound independence and greater mobility, bringing them out of isolation and reintegrating them into the community.

The event received unwavering support from the Blue Crane Route Municipality – Mayor Mr. Bonisile Manxoweni, who pledged to continue supporting the investments made by Independent Power Producers such as the Amakhala Emoyeni Wind Farm. Other prominent local officials included Councillors Mr. Baskiti from Cookhouse and Mr. Dyantyi from Somerset East, as well as representatives from the EC-DSD, who graced the event.

The presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amakhala Emoyeni Wind Farm and the Managing Director of Cennergi Holdings, Mr. Leon Groenewald, reassured the communities that Amakhala Emoyeni will continue to make a difference and create good memories for our communities. He further emphasised both the government and private sector’s commitment towards uplifting our communities. “The success of this initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration between private enterprises, local government, and government agencies. It exemplifies how partnerships can drive positive change and address the needs of vulnerable community members,” said Mr. Danie du Plessis, CEO of Cennergi Services.

Mr. Simphiwe Mbenya, Cennergi ED Officer, could not hold back his tears when witnessing the smiles on the face of Gogo Nokuzola Williams. Being an ED Officer is not an easy task considering the many social needs of our communities, but handing over a wheelchair to someone who has been using a wheelbarrow or hidden in their rooms by family members gives me joy and inner fulfillment.

Amakhala Emoyeni Windfarm, 95% owned by Cennergi, in collaboration with public and private partners, is dedicated to maintaining its community development and supporting initiatives that make a difference within our host communities. We believe that by opening possibilities, we can improve social and economic opportunities through meaningful collaborations that are sustainable and impactful for society.

As the Somerset East and Cookhouse communities move forward, they can do so with the hope that they have Amakhala Emoyeni Wind Farm, which is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

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