August 2020

Purchasing Power directly from IPPs

Draft amendments to the Electricity Regulations Act on New Generation Capacity were published by Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Mantashe for public comment, in May this year.  In a nutshell, the amendments are meant to pave the way for municipalities, with good financial standing, to be able to either develop or obtain their own power-generation capacity from Independent Power Producers (IPPs).READ MORE

Wake & Loss Webinar

The wind energy industry in South Africa has seen an increase in disputes between existing wind farm operators and new wind farm developments, as well as between proposed new developments in proximity to each other. This a direct outcome of the wake loss effects, a concept which refers to reduction in power generation output and losses in revenues that occur as a results of a new wind farm being developed nearby in its wind direction. The upwind wind farm would generate wake effects that ultimately reduce the output of the downwind wind farm due to the change in the yield of the wind reaching the downwind wind farm.



During this Women’s Month, Kangnas Wind Farm is shining a light on one of its local woman-owned enterprises that has sprung up to make branded protective masks. Octavia Van den Heever, is one of three local community businesses being supported by the wind farm, to produce masks and generate income, within the community.READ MORE

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