• Hein
    "In the 80’s it was not big enough, in the 90’s it was too expensive, today wind energy opponents try to rely on the base load myth to stop the wind surge, the fossil dinosaurs cannot stop wind energy." - Hein Reyneke, SAWEA Treasurer
  • Mary
    "The wind of change is blowing, and as South Africans, we have the opportunity to commit to a cleaner and brighter future for our children and for the planet." - Mary Waller, SAWEA board member
  • Anne
    "The wind industry is about being innovative in Renewable Energy and transforming the social environment in our country. This is our journey – let’s make it happen!" - Anne Henschel, SAWEA board member
  • Mark
    "The renewables industry currently faces some serious headwinds, as conservative local forces resist the tide of change sweeping the world. Their resistance will ultimately be futile. Cheap renewable energy will win the day. The winds of change are here to stay." - Mark Pickering, SAWEA Chair
  • Wendy
    "Wind is to a flag, what energy is to our country. Without wind, we’ll never show our true colours." - Wendy Parsons, Kouga Wind Farm's Chief Financial Officer
  • Ryan
    "Wind Energy means inward investment, job creation, skills development and direct socio-economic investment in predominantly rural local communities – a lot of upside, little if any downside." - Ryan Hammond, CEO of Cookhouse Wind Farm, Umoya Energy- Hopefield Wind Farm and REISA
  • Masechaba
    "As an industry we have an opportunity to power transformative development in once forgotten communities. It is an opportunity and responsibility not to be taken lightly." - Masechaba Mabilu, SAWEA board member
  • Methuli
    "Wind Power means a unique opportunity for South Africa’s energy industry to contribute meaningfully to ordinary people’s lives while also helping fight the effects of changing climate due to human causes."- Methuli Mbanjwa, SAWEA board member
  • Bjorn
    "Wind Energy means a fulfilling job and food on the table. I install and service turbines across South Africa, there is big sense of accomplishment and appreciation when a job is completed." - Bjorn Jochems, Senior Wind Turbine Technician
  • GWD Brenda
    "Wind power in South Africa provides another means to strengthen our socio-economic development, create new jobs for women and youth, stimulate local enterprise development and achieve our climate objectives." - Brenda Martin, SAWEA CEO
  • GWD 2017
  • South Africa REIPPPP wind energy map


SAWEA Business Members
62 registered businesses


SAWEA Individual Members
13 individuals

Global Stats

  • 8

    The largest wind turbine in the world is the Vestas 8 MW turbine with a rotor diameter of 164 meters

  • 3%

    The percentage of global electricity supplied by wind power.

  • 387

    The amount of million cubic meters of water use avoided by wind energy in the EU, equivalent to the average annual household water use of nearly 7 million EU citizens (source: EWEA).

  • 11%

    In total, 11% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind last year - up from 9.5% in 2014. Wind provided enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 8.25 million homes (more than 30% of UK households) - up from 6.7 million homes last year.

  • 110,000,000

    The amount of Chinese homes powered by wind energy (total capacity 114,609 MW) at the end of 2014 (source: The Economist, 1 August 2015)

  • 5,500

    The number of average EU households that one 6 MW offshore turbine can power.

  • 2,000

    The amount of water in litres that wind power can save per MWh against other energy sources (source: US Department of Energy).

  • 2,171,804

    The amount of people employed by the wind power sector in 2030 worldwide according to GWEO 2014 advanced scenario.

  • 51.5

    The record number of GW of wind power installed in 2014, bringing the total installed global capacity to more than 369.6 GW at the end of 2014.

  • 601,500

    The number of people employed worldwide by the wind industry in 2013

  • 8,000

    The number of parts a wind turbine has

  • 608

    In 2014, wind power avoided over 608 million tonnes of CO2 emissions globally.

  • 268,000

    The number of wind turbines spinning around the world at the end of 2014.

  • 3

    It takes a wind turbine 3-6 months to recoup the energy that goes into producing, operating and recycling the wind turbine after its 20 to 25 year lifetime.

SA Stats

  • 28%

    of the total funds committed to wind energy comes from foreign investment – R53.2bn. This equals 85.8% of total direct foreign investment in South Africa last year.

  • 20,500%

    The number that investment in renewables grew in one year between 2011 and 2012 – the first year of the REIPPPP

  • 40%

    The amount that wind energy is now cheaper than forecast prices for Eskom’s new-build coal plants.

  • ZAR 101 billion

    The total projected value of goods and services to be procured from broad-based black economic empowerment suppliers.

  • ZAR 91.1 billion

    The amount already committed to various development initiatives under the REIPPPP according to the Department of Energy

  • 400

    There are now more than 400 wind turbines creating electricity throughout South Africa

  • 640 days

    Average time for the 10 wind projects to reach commercial operation so far in South Africa (1.8years).

  • ZAR 193 billion

    the amount that has been committed to wind energy through private sector investment

  • 92

    projects that have already been selected as part of the REIPPPP, attracting

  • ZAR 1.8 billion

    The amount CSIR reports wind energy produced in net savings during the first half of 2015. Wind was also cash positive for Eskom by R300 million.

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