Nojoli Wind Farm

The Nojoli wind farm is a 88 MW project comprising 44 turbines. The Department of Energy approved the project in Round 3 of the REIPPPP. It is situated on farmland between the towns of Bedford and Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape province. The Nojoli wind farm is fully operational since October 2016.

The wind farm’s primary area of community development are the surrounding communities. The project committed 2,5% of its total revenue towards socio-economic development and 1.00% towards enterprise development. A community trust holds 10% of the shares in the project company.

Community benefit highlights

  1. Community IT Hub providing access to computers, internet and other office infrastructure

  2. Leadership skills and service excellence workshop

Investment of community funds to-date

Socio-Economic Development & Enterprise Development
This wind farm’s turbines just started turning. Soon it will report on its investments.

Community ownership

The Nojoli Wind Farm Trust holds 10% of the shareholding in the project. The community trust will, in the initial phase, pay back the loan  before the benefits starts flowing into the community.

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