Gouda Wind Farm

The Gouda Wind Facility is a 138 MW wind farm comprising 46 Acciona 3 MW AW 100/3000 turbines. The Department of Energy approved the project in Round 1 of the REIPPPP. It is situated on farmland close to the town of Drakenstein in the Western Cape province and has been fully operational since August 2015.

The wind project committed 1.5% of its total revenue towards socio-economic development and 0.6% to developing local enterprises. A community trust holds 10% of the shares in the project company.

There are fifteen (15) towns that fall within a 50km radius of the Gouda Wind Energy Facility, thus meeting the definition of Local Communities. These include the towns of Gouda, Saron, Tulbagh, Hermon, Wolseley, Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek Wes. In order to support the achievement of high-impact and sustainable socioeconomic development, for the first 5-years of the operational phase, the two towns closest to the Gouda Wind Energy Facility - namely Gouda and Saron - will be the primary recipients of the planned socioeconomic and enterprise development initiatives.

More info on the project website http://www.acciona-energia.com/areas-of-activity/wind-power/major-projects/gouda-wind-farm/.

Community benefit highlights

  1. Construction and equipping of the Gouda Educare Centre

  2. In-school breakfast programme in collaboration with Tiger Brands Foundation feeding 1600 learners.

  3. Upgrade and provision of medical and office equipment for the Gouda Clinic

  4. Purchasing of new kit and sporting equipment for Temperance Rugby Club

  5. Entrepreneur and SMME Development Programme providing business mentorship and coaching and funding to local businesses.

Community benefits created to-date

Investment of community funds to date

Socio-Economic Development
R 4.6 mil
Enterprise Development

R 1,1 mil

Community ownership

The Gouda Wind Energy Community Trust holds 10% of the total shares in the wind farm project company.

The beneficiaries of the trust’s activities are the residents of the surrounding towns and villages, with a current priority given to Gouda and Saron as they are in the immediate proximity of the project.

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