GLOBAL WIND DAY 2016 - South Africa celebrates Global Wind Day with short film showcasing 8 amazing facts about wind energy

On the eighth anniversary of Global Wind Day (15 June), a worldwide celebration of all things related to wind energy, South Africa’s industry is flying high, with an extremely successful story of eight to more than 500 turbines in four years – with many hundreds more in the pipeline.
In a short film released in celebration of Global Wind Day, South African Wind Energy Association’s has highlighted some of the reasons the industry has to highlight its success:

This year’s eight amazing facts:

  1. It’s growing rapidly
    From 8 to more than 500 wind turbines in 4 years. More than 3 Gigawatts of wind energy has already been procured.
  2. It empowers communities
    R91.1 billion is committed to various development initiatives under the REIPPPP.
  3. It boosts our economy
    Renewables has attracted R193bn in private sector investment totalling a contribution of 6 327 MW of capacity.  R53.2bn (28%) of this comes from foreign investment – equal to 85.8% of total direct foreign investment in South Africa last year.
  4. Wind energy is powering our homes
    There is over 1 Gigawatt of wind energy connected to the grid powering the equivalent of more than half a million South African households*.
  5. It’s privately funded and independent 
    Unlike other power sources, wind energy development under the REIPPPP is completely funded by the private sector, so doesn’t impact on tax payers, or rely on Eskom’s bank balance to be built.  
  6. It saves water
    For each kilowatt hour of wind that displaces fossil fuels in our national grid, 1.2 litres of water will be saved. The entire portfolio the REIPPPP programme will save 52 million litres of water each year, equal to 371 428 standard sized bathtubs.
  7. Our conditions are outstanding
    More than 80% of SA’s land mass has the wind conditions to produce high load factors (more than 30%).
  8. It’s cheap, clean and green
    Wind is a clean, sustainable ‘renewable’ source of energy. The price of wind energy in SA is now more than 40% cheaper than new-build coal power. Using wind energy helps combat climate change by reducing pollutants from fossil fuel.

Editor’s notes:
For further information, please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +27 (0) 11 2140664.
*This calculation is based on household consumption of 6.000 kiloWatt hours per year (supplied by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and an average capacity factor of 35% from the wind turbines (this is a conservative figure as many turbines are performing closer to 40% plus).
SAWEA is a non-profit, industry organisation representing the wind industry in South Africa. Its members include both national and international entities active in the entire wind energy supply chain. Its aim is to promote the sustainable use of commercial wind energy in South Africa; to contribute knowledge and human resources to the streamlining of the policy and regulatory framework for wind in SA; to facilitate synergy between the growth of the industry and the achievement of the broader socio-economic aims of Government (including training, job creation and localisation); to disseminate information; to act as a focal point for discussion between members, government, the media and the public. For further information please visit
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